Weekly Update (July 16, 2017)

As has been the case for most of this summer, I spent most of my time working with my lab. I’m not sure at what liberty I am to disclose what we’re working on, but I’ll say that I worked on debugging an experiment we ran on Amazon Mechanical Turk. Essentially, we were running into an issue where the asynchronicity of Node resulted in one file being edited by two instances at once, resulting in corrupted data.

I also got my knowledge base up and running at [docs.alanluo.com](http://docs.alanluo.com]. Those are literally my personal notes synced to a remote Git repository on my hosting service. In an effort to promote global education, I plan to make those notes public for anyone to benefit from. I also turned the site into a theme for Pico CMS called Clutter. (Technically, some of this is from more than a week ago, but whatever.)

There are a handful of internships I am looking at. Unfortunately, most only take college students. This, however, has not stopped me from preparing applications anyway. I updated my CV, and asked some adults I knew for references.

On the music front, I have begun transcribing In Just a Moment’s Time from Skullgirls. Expect a cover coming out soon.

Oh! And, of course, I set up this blog! I doubt anyone has read the posts up to this point, but I hope to expand my personal brand and online presence. I have more plans for this going forward – stay tuned!

On that note, I spent quite a bit of time planning and rearranging my online identity. When you have more than one interest and you’re looking to make all those interests digital, it’s hard to keep accounts, emails, and identities in check. I’ve decided to break my online identity down into three people. I’m not entirely willing to disclose the other two just yet. They’re all a part of my aforementioned plans. Just wait.

This week, I’m hoping to start taking better notes, prepare for water polo season, and continue my research job. And hopefully I’ll start maintaining this blog multi-weekly. As in, more than one post a week.

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