Weekly Update (July 23, 2017)

I continued to work with my lab. I’ve begun trying to construct a systemization of data tasks. This would potentially lay the groundwork for the future of another project.

I did a bunch of SEO on my websites and updated my Github. I’m looking more and more legit by the day!

google search result
This is on the first page!

I was contacted by a reader of my blog, which is a really nice feeling for me, since it indicates that the random jumble I’m writing here is potentially influencing someone else, even if just a little bit.

I’ve finished transcribing In Just a Moment’s Time from Skullgirls. Keep watching for a cover! I’ll also probably upload the transcription to Musescore at some point.

I ran into an issue on my current game. I wrote about this here, as well. However, I’m going to keep pushing forward to make this work!

This week, I’m hoping finish that cover, and otherwise just continue to work on projects. I’m working on porting some of my design docs over to a CMS the same way I’ve done for docs.alanluo.com.

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