“Weekly” Update (August 19, 2017)

Hello all,

I have not been very good about keeping up with this blog in the past few weeks. I can come up with any number of excuses, but none of them are particularly valid. I’ve been busy but didn’t push myself to write anything. At any rate, it’s time to pick up the pace. We have two weeks to cover.

Two weeks ago my internship at Tufts VALT ended. I’m overall pretty happy with what I accomplished and how things turned out. I finished the second-to-last day with a call with our project collaborators on the system I built. My biggest takeaway from this experience was probably learning the importance of sustainable code. At the lab I worked, a lot of people cycled through over various summers and left behind a corpus of very valuable but unreadable work due to poor documentation. My past project advisors have been stringent about making sure I document my projects well. It’s much more clear to me now why this is so important.

Earlier that week, I put up a minimal parallax demo. I turned this into a mini jQuery plugin so that I could colorcode the projects on my site. I’ll probably turn this into a proper plugin at a later date so that you can use this technology in your projects.

The week after that, I travelled to Maine for some tourism. We visited Acadia National Park, and I got some nice photos for a generative art project I’m working on.

On the music side, I’ve been preparing a number of pieces for an upcoming audition. I’ve also bought myself a fancy new piece of equipment in the form of Seaboard RISE using literally all my money from the last year. Hopefully I can produce a track or two soon. Look out for those.

This coming week, I hope to resume normal blog posts and to stay more on top of these weekly updates.

That’s all for me.

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