“Weekly” Update (September 17, 2017)

Hello all,

With school in full swing I have very little time to write. However, for my own purposes I’d like to have a written record of my progress, so I shall endeavor to continue these updates.

The last week of summer, I spent a lot of time making music. I was also practicing for an audition, which went well. I’m now playing piano for the Jazz Ensemble. (More on this in another post.) Also, remember the Seaboard RISE 49 that I mentioned last time? I’ve already made some fun tracks with it. I’ll get around to uploading a bunch of them later.

I’ve returned to classes, but that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped making and coding. I’ve started taking my school’s Advanced Robotics class. I’ve decided to log my progress via Github. The repository is alan-luo/advanced-robotics-crh. Since the last update, I’ve added entries for Sept 15 and Sept 18. In particular, check out this bit of music I made by interfacing Pure Data with my sensors.

Spooky scary circuits...
Spooky scary circuits…

This was also our first week of Games and Change. I’ll write more about this organization in the future. We had a very strong first showing. I also organized and ran a Super Smash Bros. doubles tournament to a decent degree of success, raising a good sum of money for charity. We’re looking to expand our efforts into the online realm. We’ll be making game design video essays. Watch out for news on that front.

Game development continues at a steady pace. I’m working on putting up a development blog. I’m writing it in Pico. Look out for that, too.

This coming week, I plan to host the first meeting for the programming club, and to attend Maker Faire. I will continue my robotics work my game development, as well.

That’s all for me.